PT Wahana Tirta Estetika produces and custom design playground equipments that is designed with high quality materials for durability and safety. From indoor to outdoor to fitness equipments, kids gym to commercial projetcs, we will be happy to work based on various budget and usage.


We believe every project is unique, that is why we will work with you to cater a playground design that will fit your budget and taste while Keeping fun and safety in mind. Whether its modern to natural to thematic design, we can work to fulfill your vision.


A safe playground often begins with quality equipment. That is why quality is critical when we design and produce our playground. Our strict selection of materials will make sure we deliver quality products that will last the weather to be enjoyed for many years to come.


Safety is at the heart of every playground project, we are here to make sure every structure will comply with every international standards of safety requirements and that parents will feel secure playing in your playground. Our products are TUV certified conform to EN1176 to insure safety play, and CE certification conform to EN71.




We work closely with landscape designers to create a structure for the children playground to match the surrounding landscape and your desires. We also prepared a playground drawing to be applied to the site plan.


Commercial Playground

In a commercial playground, we offer consultations and custom designs that will apply to space, interior and usage. We will work with owners to build something that is built for maximum return on investment yet inviting for kids to come.


Real Estate Facility

The variety of children playgrounds that we have will make the playgrounds in housing, more attractive . From big to small area, cluster park to clubhouses we design according to your desired theme.


Home Playground

For home playgrounds, we have selections of play tower that is space efficient, lower budget, still with variety of play. We help find solutions that should answer the needs of children at home.


Government Park

Public facilities provided by the government such as playgrounds must be sturdy, safe, and maintenance free. From lower to higher budget equipments, we can work closely to conceptualize something to appeal to various age of children.


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Our Services

Why choose Us?


We work closely with our clients to design play equipments that are personal, functional, and exciting for children. Through creative use of form, texture, and color we each of our project is tailored made to clients budget and vision.

Why choose Us?


Using only high quality materials and strict quality control, we build your playground equipment that is tailored to your needs.

Why choose Us?


Our experienced installers will install our product all over Indonesia. From Soroako, Balikpapan, Riau to Batam, we are dedicated to helping you get the projects done with safety requirements and on time.

Why choose Us?


We believe safety our playground is important, that is why for each playground we sell, we provide maintenance service to make sure continuous safety of your playground equipment. Our maintenance team will drop by and inspect playground regularly to make sure there will be no accidents because of structural damaged or loose parts.

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